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Esther Charlene - StoryBuilding Coach

Greetings fellow StoryBuilder! Yes, you too are a StoryBuilder. The only question before you right this moment is whether you are aware of the story that you are building day-by-day, thought by thought. In other words, are you building your life stories with purpose and intention, consciously or unconsciously?

Having spent over 35 years working with individuals who were in the midst of experiencing their most stressful personal story — and not realizing he or she is the creator of their story – became my motivation for creating Mindful StoryBuilders. I worked with individuals experience job loss, loss of a loved one, domestic violence (perpetrators and victims), relationship betrayal, child custody litigation, and divorce.

More often than not, we are the creator of our stories — even when we can’t conceive of the fact that we actively participated in creating a story that can involve so much pain, sadness, frustration or hopelessness. Of course, there are definitely times when “stuff just happens” to us! But when the “stuff happens” what story will you purposely create afterwards.

Up to this point, most of us have created our lives unconsciously. We have not been mindful of our thoughts and the stories that are created with each thought. If you are ready to create conscious life stories, i.e., whether it be a life story about family, business, job, personal relationships, creative projects, etc. and need assistance, guidance and direction in mindfully creating such stories, then you have reached the right place.

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Mindful StoryBuilding

  • At any point in time, you will find yourself telling a story in your mind with either words or pictures. Those stories of the mind create certain emotions and feelings, i.e., joy, love, fear, pain, anger, gratitude, etc.

    What is Your Story? Stories of the Mind
  • Every single day we are building life stories – whether intentionally or unintentionally. When we are not mindful of our thoughts and allow negative stories of the mind to grow wild we are still creating but without intention.

    Creating on Purpose Story Builder, Build your dreams


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