The Broken Heart Story

Tending to Your “Broken Heart” Story

How much time and how long will you give your attention to the "Broken Heart" Story? 

I would venture to guess that many individuals reading this article have experienced some sort of relationship involving a break-up — whether it involved a break-up with a parent, sibling, husband, wife, partner, son, daughter or friend.  Although there are many forms of relationships, this article is for folks who formed a union with a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband or wife that resulted in a break-up involving betrayal, cheating, abuse, abrupt and unforeseen termination of the relationship.  These break-ups often leave an indelible impression on one's psyche -- thus the reason for so much attention to the Broken Heart Story.

Did he or she really break your heart?

Have you ever noticed that often times when the big break-up happens people generally say that the other person “broke my heart.”  In fact, it wouldn’t be unusual to hear someone describe how they gave their whole heart and soul to the relationship -- only to be left with a broken heart.

Of course, in the immediate days (and maybe even months) following a break-up most individuals probably don’t have the capacity to control their words, thoughts, and feelings that are tied to such an emotional experience.  All we know is that the other person is the reason for our bruised and broken heart after you gave your entire heart and soul to them!  

Maybe we should consider just maybe the other person did not break our heart!  What role did you play in the Story!  Did you stay with the other person even after suspecting that your partner was not loyal.  You stayed even after your strongest suspicion that your partner had already lied and cheated, perhaps beaten you previously, or had taken your money.  Or perhaps your significant other was simply not present in your life -- aloof, distant, non committed -- but you stayed in the relationship.  

Is It Worth Giving Your Attention to the Heart Break Story of the Past?

After the break-up, we then spend the days, months and sometimes years later sharing our "broken heart" Story with friends and loved ones — and sometimes we even share our Story with complete strangers.  While standing in line at the grocery store, social events, work, train stations, and in other public places we find ourselves striking up a conversation about that darn "broke my heart" Story! 

But what we don't realize is that every single day we wake up to new possibilities.  However, if you are focused on the relationship that now exists in the past, you just might miss the new potential possibilities each and every thought about your break-up Story and each recitation of the details will bring up those feelings and emotions that you experienced.  Even if those old emotions don't show-up, you've still just wasted your breathe on a relationship of the past and risked missing out on your new possibilities.

When the "Broken Heart" Thoughts and Words Arise Ask Yourself:

The Broke My Heart Story


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