It's Going to Be A Good Day - Healing Mantra

My Healing Mantra – It’s Going to Be a Good Day

I recently underwent knee replacement surgery, and for my healing I created what I refer to as “My Healing Mantra” to help me while on my journey to healing.  I decided that every day I would repeat to myself “It’s going to a Good Day! You know it’s really difficult to repeat to yourself that you’re going to have a good day while you’re in the middle of the highest level of pain. Oh my God, I can’t even explain the level of pain that I experienced, but I was determined to feel better. I knew that it would take time.

I Cannot Heal Through Complaining Thoughts

Prior to my surgery I had lost about 28 pounds.  I was so proud of myself that I had lost weight — then here comes the total knee replacement surgery.  So it’s difficult to keep my spirits up in the middle of the pain. And it’s discouraging to know that losing any more weight will be a challenge because my mobility is limited now.

It seems that just when I’m doing good for my body, along comes a setback. It feels like it’s going to be twice as hard now for me to heal and continue to lose weight. I started complaining, asking myself “Why can’t we just have one thing at a time happen in our lives. It would be much easier to cope on a daily basis. But I know that I cannot heal through complaining thoughts.

Of course, I have a lot of complaining thoughts that keep coming at me — especially since I have so much time on my hands, and I can’t really do much right now. It stresses me to know my weight has a lot to do with healing, but I try to refocus my thoughts each time they try to creep inside my head. There really is something to controlling that inner voice. It’s a moment by moment challenge. But I am determined because I know it’s up to me. And so I will continue to say IT’S GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY!.

Healing Through Gratitude

Compass of Gratitude

My healing will come through my gratitude.  In spite of the pain, I am grateful for the physicians that had the talent and skills to perform the surgery and all of the staff that assisted me. My best friend travelled all the way from California to help me during my return home. And then, my brother and his girlfriend travelled from California to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday in my home. Wow! I’m flying above the pain whenever I think about all my blessings!  I got a chance to talk to other loved ones in my life on Thanksgiving.

I am so grateful for my children and grandchildren.  Everyone is healthy and so it’s the simple things that make me feel good.  I intend to control my inner voice by reflecting on the joy in my life.

Carpen Lopez
Carmen Lopez

One last thing, I took the Health Assessment Quiz provided thorough MindfulStoryBuilding ChatBot. I knew, the results would indicate that there’s more work for me to do, but it helped me to keep my determination to do better for my body.  I’m glad I took the time to take the Assessment Quiz.

By Carmen Lopez

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