Power in Choice

Give No Power to the Inner Voice of Fear

This article is for those that have succumbed to the Inner Voice of Fear too many times in life.  It's for those readers that are ready for new possibilities in life. 

First of all, welcome to a new moment on this day  – a new opportunity to create your life through your choices. Most of us don't even recognize or honor the power that lies in our choices. We don't even realize that every day we are given the opportunity to make new decisions for our life. We have been given the gift of making choices from our heart, but so often we choose after listening to the Inner Voice of Fear. It's been my experience that most of us live from fear at any point in time.

I don't know about you, but every single day I want to make healthy choices that I'm passionate about. Ask yourself what would if feel like if you could makes decisions from the heart, from courage, love for yourself and self-confidence? Then ask yourself what is stopping you.

Unfortunately, most days we generally do not stop to take the time to be aware of the choices that we are making. Instead, we unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) make our decisions and choices from fear, hatred, depression, low-self-esteem or just plain ignorance. You know those choices where we choose to stay in the stories of pain, i.e., stuck at a dead-end job with people that we absolutely can't stand, stuck in a loveless relationship -- just STUCK!. All because we fail to recognize our power of choice.

Inner Voice of Fear Impacts Your Choices

You simply cannot make wise. loving and healthy choices, if you are listening to the Inner Voice of Fear!  There's a lot of talk about positive thinking – which is great because tens of thousands of thoughts run through our mind on a daily basis, and we need to be aware of whether those thoughts are of a healthy nature. And, you certainly cannot accomplish your goals and dreams, if you are listening to the Mr. or Ms. Inner Voice of Fear – because making choices out of fear blocks your path to new possibilities to enter you life.

When the Inner Voice of Fear appears in your head, stand our ground and let Fear know that you are moving forward regardless to any reasons that the Voice might present to you.  Now is the time to listen to your heart, your Inner Voice of Confidence and make your choice out of love and self-confidence. Don't waste anymore energy on fear choices.

And, on another note do not listen to the Outer Voice of Fear from others.

Courage And Awareness

Most of us have very little understanding of how much power lies in our everyday choices. We often, mistakenly, believe that it's the bigger events that matter most. However, I take a moment to consider that every single day we get up and make decisions about the expected events of that particular day -- and those everyday choices become the corner stone of building our life story.

It only takes a few seconds of courage to deal with the Inner Voice of Fear. So much can be accomplished in a just a matter of seconds if you stand in KNOWING that you are making the best decision. You will feel it in your heart and soul and know that you are making the right choice.Peace and blessings.

Power in Choice

Power in Choice

Inner Voice of Fear Power Cards

Carry them as reminders to not give any attention to the Inner Voice of Fear. 

It's good to have an arsenal of tools to keep you focused.  .

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