Esther Charlene – StoryBuilder Coach

Greetings fellow StoryBuilder!  Yes, you too are a StoryBuilder.  The only question before you right this moment is whether you are aware of the story that you are building day-by-day, thought by thought.  In other words, are you building your life stories with purpose and intention, consciously or unconsciously?   

Having spent over 35 years working with individuals who were in the midst of experiencing their most stressful personal story — and not realizing he or she is the creator of their story – became my motivation for creating Mindful StoryBuilders.  I worked with individuals experiencing job loss, loss of a loved one, domestic violence (perpetrators and victims), relationship betrayal, child custody litigation, and divorce.  More often than not, we are the creator of our stories — even when we can’t conceive of the fact that we actively participated in creating a story that can involve so much pain, sadness, frustration or hopelessness.  Of course, there are definitely times when “stuff just happens” to us! But when the “stuff happens” what story will you purposely create afterwards.

Up to this point, most of us have created our lives unconsciously.  We have not been mindful of our thoughts and the stories that are created with each thought.  If you are ready to create conscious life stories, i.e., whether it be a life story about family, business, job, personal relationships, creative projects, etc. and are in need support, assistance, guidance and direction in mindfully creating such stories, then you have reached the right place. 

Are you ready to mindfully create your life stories?

Start your mindful storybuilding work today!

It does not matter what corner of the planet from which you derive; nor does your culture, race, nationality, or gender matter when it comes to mindfulness — which is the cornerstone of creating our life stories.  The common thread that runs through all of us human beings is the fact that our mind houses the stories that are the foundation of our beliefs, feelings, and attitudes — which in turn affects our action and/or inaction.  

Our Mindful StoryBuilding Program is designed to train you in being mindful of your thoughts – which are the foundation for creating your life stories.  Are you running the same old stories through your mind day in and day out, i.e., stories about your financial struggles, love relationships, childhood experiences, problems on the job?   If so, those recurring thoughts will simply cultivate the same problems that will continue to flourish in your life.  

As your Stroybuilding Coach, our work will include the following focus:

  • Identification and assessment of your current dominate stories
  • Identificaiton and clarification of your desired life stories
  • Identificaiton of strategies for building desired life stories
  • Utilization of our model for managing stories of the mind
  • Fostering your responsibility as the creator of your story 

Professional Background

Professional background includes working in the corporate field, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, start-up field and over 20 years in the legal field including family law.