Some stories do actually stay with us forever. They never leave - like a movie running over and over on rewind.  

Feel Good Stories:  Don't you just love a good story?   Stories that bring us thoughts of gratitude, joy, happiness, cheerfulness and appreciation are always welcome to hang around.  However, we also have to be cautious not to spend too much time on the stories of the past.  Spending time living in memories of the past -- even stories of joy -- means that we are not creating our future stories.  

There's absolutely nothing wrong with daydreaming about the past -- except when it interferes with living in the present.  I'm sure that you've heard of the fact that your power is in the present.  We all reminisce about the past at some time or another.  In fact, when family and childhood friends get together the time is generally spent sharing childhood stories from years gone by.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with reminiscing.  However, if you are spending a great deal of time throughout your day thinking about stories of the past, then right that moment you are actually living in the past. You are not being fully present.  And your energy should be in the present -- not the past.

Feel Bad Stories:  And, then there are those life stories hanging around that actually invite thoughts of sadness.

Building New Stories: There's no time like the present to begin building new life stories.  What would your new story look like?

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