Reasons to Use A StoryBuilding Coach

Every great athlete has found him or herself under the wings of a coach at some point or another -- no matter the sport, no matter the time period of history. Every great vocalist has also sought out a vocal coach to learn or improve his or her singing techniques.

A coach generally helps to develop and/or improve certain skills desired in a specific area through the use of various tools and techniques.  We think nothing of hiring a coach to improve our physical abilities but are hesitant to hire a coach to assist us in managing the stories in our minds.

What a StoryBuilding Coach can assist with...

  • Assistance with developing a clear vision of new life stories that you'd like to create
  • Providing tools to manage the stories of the past
  • Assistance in identifying your beliefs related to the stories in your mind
  • Developing new beliefs
  • Assistance in identifying where your stories originated, i.e., who is the author of your story
  • Assistance in identifying the characters of your story 
  • Developing and setting goals for new stories

Do you avoid doing The Work required for change?

Years ago, my mother was a member of a book club titled One Spirit which was a subscription based book club. She would receive a couple of books per month, and if she liked the books she could keep any of them that resonated with her spirit. Or in the alternative, she could elect to send the books back if she wasn't feelin' the book. There were many books that she did keep and some she, of course, didn't have a predilection for and would actually take the time to mail the books back to the company and was not charged for the books returned

Okay , so I'm getting to the point as to why you need a coach.  I recall one particular day, my mother and I were having a discussion about a particular book that we both really liked except when we got about 1/2 through the book there were exercises that you were required to do. We talked about how there appeared to be similar format in many of the books, i.e., generally the first half of the book was a reading format and, then about 3/4 way through the book there were exercises that were required to complete.  My mother and I talked about how we had a strong dislike for doing the exercises -- which we didn't know was the beginning of doing The Work.

In my heart of hearts, I believe that had we striven to complete the exercises in those books, we would have found accomplished much more in our lives. Instead, we continued to move through most days without intention and purpose. You simply cannot create new stories without doing The Work.  But I also submit to you that transformation requires you to transform your thinking.  YOUR THINKING MUST BE TRANSFORMED.

Learn A New Way of Thinking

How's that thinking working for you?